Ian Gehrke

The Gehrke family has farmed in the Lockyer Valley since the 1890’s. We have farmed at the current location at Lake Clarendon since 1972. Ian and Juanita Gehrke started the farm in 1972 when Ian was only 22 years old. The first crops that Ian grew were onions and potatoes. In the 1980s he grew lettuce and other various crops for Perfection Fresh Australia which started a long and successful partnership with this company. Ian first grew broccolini for Perfection Fresh Australia in 1999. This has proven to be a very successful decision for the family. The business has grown from starting with 50 acres to the 420 acres of cropping land that is currently farmed today. Although, Ian has slowed down a little in the past few years, he is still actively involved in the farm and when he is not farming he enjoys caravanning around Australia. In 2007 Ian stepped down from running the farm and his son Nathan became the company director.