For some farms this is a just a trendy topic but for a family that has been working the land for over three generations, sustainability is a critical part of our business. Our approach ensures the land has an opportunity to recover and retain the rich soil that is rated in the top ten most fertile places on the planet.


  • We regularly perform crop rotation to ensure pest problems are minimised and allow the soil to replenish key nutrients.
  • We use natural fertilizers and manage the land so that future generations of our family will still be working rich farming lands.
  • We use sustainable practices to ensure our family can continue to work the land for generations to come.

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About us

The Gehrke family have been part of the Lockyer Valley for six generations.In 1972 the family run farms were successfully growing potatoes and onions for the Brisbane markets. After consistently providing the highest quality produce McDonalds contacted us and requested we grow lettuce for their restaurants.


At Campsey Ash Farms we can produce the highset grade of Broccolini for 9 months in the year from April to December.With over 500 acres dedicated to this crop we supply over 7 million bunches to supermarkets every year.


Shallots are one of the crops that highlight the capacity of Campsey Ash Farms to provide its clients with a sustainable high quality product all year long.We have 200 acres of shallots in our farm and the rich green colour and amazing aroma is only beaten by the delicious flavour of our shallots.